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Helpful Tools

Financial Operating Manual – you know where your financial accounts are held and how to access them, but do your loved ones? If something happens to you how will your loved ones know what you have or where to access it?

That’s where our Financial Operating Manual comes into play. Download yours today and leave a roadmap for your family.


Insurance Summary and Review Roadmap – a supplemental form to the Financial Operating Manual. Our Insurance Summary helps you keep all the pertinent data of your insurance in one place.


Trusted Contact – if you’re a client, make sure to update your “trusted contact” on file. Simply email us here.


Binder – as you collect all your important financial information, you need a place to keep it all together. Our binders are the perfect solution. Just email us by clicking here, and we’ll send one your way.

Stress Relievers

John Krasinksi (from The Office) has created a new YouTube channel celebrating Good News

The Shows Must Go On is a YouTube channel showing full-length Broadway performances every Friday for just 48 hours.